Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

If you want to create new sustainable packaging or green up the packaging you already use for your references, Istituto Stampa can help you!

From compostable wrappings, to paper and plastic recyclables, to reducing the amount of raw material for less environmental impact

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Sustainable alternatives: care for the environment and high performance

Our sustainable packaging is the result of in-depth studies and analyses, carried out by our Research & Development and Quality teams , together with collaboration with our partners.

What can we offer?

Compostable and recyclable packaging

A few examples?

1. CIC and TÜV Austria Certified Compostable packaging such as eco-green paper and easy-green paper

2. Eco-friendly packaging made of FSC and/or Aticelca certified paper.

3. Recyclable packaging made of single-film plastic, laminated or with lighter recyclable materials.

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