Code of Ethics

Istituto Stampa Code of Ethics

The code of ethics: a commitment to stakeholders, a security for our customers.

Our code of ethics was born with a precise objective: to testify how, for us, in Istituto Stampa, values represent more than just words.

These are founding principles that first become guidelines, then concrete actions oriented towards transparency, integrity and social responsibility.

You can count on a company with over 90 years of history, able to guarantee reliability and constant assistance.

What do we base the creation of our packaging on?

Transparency: we guarantee maximum transparency in the internal management of the company and in relations with stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

Social responsibility: both towards people and the surrounding environment. We are careful to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and to offer increasingly eco-sustainable packaging.

Integrity: compared to suppliers and customers, with a constant drive towards innovation, efficiency and high-performance packaging solutions.

Reliability: our code of ethics guarantees our customers and suppliers full compliance with the commitments made.

And much more!

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