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The partners of Istituto Stampa

Are you looking for a historic company to entrust with the creation of the packaging of your references?

Istituto Stampa can become your trusted supplier. We can be because, in turn, we cooperate with reliable suppliers with whom we have relationships that have lasted for decades.

Our suppliers are partners for us.

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Over more than 90 years of activity, we have created solid and lasting collaborations with all our Stakeholders.

Some examples of pluses you can get ?

Advice and technical support: we and our suppliers are highly specialized and can support customers in choosing the most suitable materials to meet specific needs.

Constant excellence: thanks to collaborations with our trusted suppliers, we can guarantee constant quality over time

Innovation: sharing our values, our suppliers are also constantly looking for new solutions and technologies that can improve their services, to always offer the most suitable solutions

Sustainability: We work with suppliers who comply with our environmental standards and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes.

For your packaging, choose a reliable company with trusted suppliers. Contact us!

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